Cocktail Crafting​


When Ziv’s military service as a combat engineer and Krav Maga instructor came to an end, he found his love for the drink, not for the drink itself, but as an artist. It started in Eilat in “Monkeys”. When he took a bartending course and continued with Ibbls “The Best Cocktail Tour in Tel Aviv”, he struck his way into the main city fast life; running a VIP bar with Birthday and Wedding Services at the highest level. This brings us to the present. It is time for him to brave the city alone and take it head-on with a culmination of skills and service.

The Shaka is an active or roving cocktail bar that serves any event, no matter the size or the location

We have combined different worlds, precision and thought into every detail.

We put an emphasis on creating a unique atmosphere that conveys passion and fun, where each guest receives a personal tailored drink by taste, appearance and of course, the highest attention to even the smallest details.

The Shaka team was handpicked by the best and most experienced professionals in the bar and alcohol industry.

In Shaka we create the perfect colour and atmosphere for your event.

We have no limits to our thoughts and creativity when making your dream event real, and we believe each event should get its own personal treatment and menu.

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