Opus Brewing


Opus Brewing is a mobile brewery startup, based in Ramat Gan, Israel. At Opus, we have a simple, but unique, attitude in our brewing – find the freshest, most unique Israeli ingredients and craft imaginative beers with them. That’s why we start every week with a trip to the shuk, and then decide what to brew.

At Opus Brewing, we also focus on sharing our love and knowledge of brewing beer and cider. We offer a wide range of beer-centric events including- home-brewing workshops, beer tastings, happy hours, gastronomy/beer pairings, and much more. The way we see it- bring a man a beer and he will drink for an hour. Teach a man to beer and he will drink for a lifetime!

Chef – Brewer Pairings

Ever wondered whether a lager or ale pairs better with tacos al pastor? Do you know if a Doppelbock or an IPA pairs better with your ceviche? Would you choose a stout with flavors that compliment or contrast a chocolate donut? At Opus Chef-Brewer events, we team up with the premier chefs of Tel Aviv to explore the answers these questions and more. Each and every ingredient at our pairing events is meticulously curated to delight the palate and expand your culinary horizons. Come explore uncharted culinary waters with us- you may be surprised what you discover!

The Story Behind the Goat

In the year 361 CE, a general who would come to be remembered as the last pagan emperor of Rome ascended to power. History would come to know him as Julian the Apostate. Julian was a complex character, full of brilliance and flaw. He was a warrior, a philosopher, and a poet. One of his most famous poems shows his disdain for the drink of choice of the Germanic armies he had spent his life fighting. In his, poem he says of his favorite libation, wine- He smells like a nectar. And of beer, he boldly declares- You smell like a goat. We love this moment in history, and the goat in our logo is a reclamation of Julian’s slanderous affront to beer.

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