Apart from many courses of various treatments, I specialise in Reflexology.

This is a field, which is designed to treat the body balance. As reflexology is the mirror of our body, the treatment is intended to treat pain and enhance the body to treat itself. I believe that when one understands where the difficulty lies, there can be a positive change in healing the body.

Senior Therapist


Shahar Weizman, has been practicing Complementary Medicine since 2006. He studied and graduated in the medical massage field as well as Chinese and Thai massage.

With his 12 years expertise, he organises events such as team building sessions and preparation of athletes for marathon.

Doctor (24/7)

Dr Cohen – Easily surpasses his peers in the medical field. Not only does Dr Cohen provide unmatched professionalism, the care he takes with each individual patient is unconditional. Providing a thorough examination, Dr Cohen has been proven to detect even the smallest of problems. Quickly getting to the root of a medical issue, explaining the steps to recovery, and all with a smile.


Our on call 24/7 paramedic has specialty in the following with all the correct accreditations for: General Medical Emergencies, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Paramedic Life Support.

Chinese Herbalist

Oded Giat, a practitioner, in the art of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, and accredited by the “Israeli Traditional Chinese Medicine Association” and under the roof of the European Chinese Medicine Association

Oded specialises in the following mental problems such as:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Pain weakness and fatigue from chronic illness
  • Symptoms deriving from conventional acute or chronic various treatments
  • Gynaecology and middle age problems

He does this with the highest professionalism and precision

Rehabilitation Fitness Instructor

Arie katan, a masseur and rehabilitation fitness instructor. He has been working for 13 years and has experience with I.D.F disabled people.

From Medical Massage to classic Swedish peeling, everything he does, is done with professionalism and warmth

Personal Trainer

If you want to get in shape and look good and have a true beach body, then Dror Shoresh, is your man. He is the founder of Health, Fitness & Soul Studio.

The knowledge and experience that he has gained in more than 7 years, in both fitness and alternative medicine, allows him to combine them together, into a unique training experience – for both – body and soul.


With a difference

Yossi Mishan is 44 years old. His family is one of the rare families in Israel’s history. They are more than 200 generations born here. He has been working for the past 27 years as a high professional hairstylist. He works and does model’s hair for TV shows and various productions and do a lot of celebrities’ hair.

Deep Tissue Treatment

Daniel is our massage therapist from the UK. He has a keen interest in health and well being and studied physiology as part of his bachelor degree. He originally qualified as a therapist over 10 years ago and has picked up a number of additional skills and qualifications including deep tissue, myofascial and Thai massage. Daniel also has a strong interest in nutrition and alternative medicine.

If you are after a relaxing treatment or a therapeutic treatment to remove long lasting aches and pains, Daniel is the perfect man.

Yoga Classes

Classes are taught in English by Josh “Yoshi” Levine, Registered Yoga Teacher. Josh has been certified through the Yoga Alliance since 2009. Being trained in the tradition of Classic Hatha Yoga, Josh’s classes are generally slow-paced and can be quite challenging or very soft, depending on the needs and goals of the students. The classes focus on proper alignment, integrating breath with movement and staying in poses for extended periods of time. Classes are offered to beginners as well as everyday yoga practitioners.


Our certified acupuncturist has extensive experience of using acupuncture to treat a wide range of health issues. She has also spent time working in the specialist areas of addiction & fertility. She uses a combination of acupressure in her treatments. She can also advise on lifestyle and dietary issues according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Massage & Yoga Therapy

Our experienced yoga teacher and massage therapist works in Tel Aviv and surrounding areas. The yoga studio is dedicated to making yoga more accessible to the English speaking community in Israel. In addition to yoga, our instructor is also a certified massage therapist in the styles of Traditional Thai Massage and Swedish Massage.

Nail Stylist


Natasha does both classic and European manicures and pedicures.
She has a wide range of both regular and gel nail polishes.|
She specialises in home visits only


Manicure Express is a small chain of health salons, which was born in 2011, and is based in Tel Aviv, one being in Bograchov and the other in Basil Street, respectively.

Nails is a Concept, that prides itself on high quality care and services, aimed at the local residents and the international market.

Each treatment is tailor-made to each client’s specific requirements. Treatments, such as medical manicure and pedicures, amongst many others, are provided by professionals, using the most advanced techniques and products in the field, to name but a few: Essie, OPI and from Dermalogica world.

Massage Therapist

Trained in Swedish massage, she draws on her knowledge of neuroscience and cognition to treat mind-body ailments, in particular those arising from stress and anxiety. A firm believer in the holistic method, she takes a person-centred approach to her treatments. She has studied anatomy and physiology and has a good understanding of many disorders and diseases.

Shiatsu Massage

**Women Only**

Our certified Naturopath specializes in shiatsu, especially for individuals with orthopedic problems as well as in eastern medicine including moxastick (for relief of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, joint pain, pack pain) moxabox (menstrual cycle pain, infertility, strengthening the immune system) and cupping (back pain, immune health, relaxation).

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