Manicure Express is a small chain of health salons, which was born in 2011, and is based in Tel Aviv, one being in Bograchov and the other in Basil Street, respectively.

Nails is a Concept, that prides itself on high quality care and services, aimed at the local residents and the international market.

Each treatment is tailor-made to each client’s specific requirements. Treatments, such as medical manicure and pedicures, amongst many others, are provided by professionals, using the most advanced techniques and products in the field, to name but a few: Essie, OPI and from Dermalogica world. Some of the treatments we offer, but not limited to are:

The idea behind Nails, is offering a personalized experience for all our clients – come and indulge in the massage chair, whilst enjoying a treatment. Therapists are dedicated caregivers, who provide perfect care, providing the best relaxation and rejuvenation with a personal touch.

Outcalls specifically for EB clients.

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