Executive Family

The Butler -
Executive Butler, Personal Valet & PA

If your idea of an English butler is a Jeeves-like unflappable character in a bowler hat and carrying a rolled umbrella, then The Butler doesn’t exactly fit the mold. Tall, thin and wiry, with a South African-tinged husky voice and expressive body language, he is, nevertheless, probably the only qualified butler in Israel, having studied in London and worked with some notable members of the business world and the aristocracy, British and otherwise. – Taken from article written by Gloria Deutsch of the Jerusalem Post.

Harrison -
US Branch Administrator / Head Butler​

Harrison is a recent graduate of Communications and Psychology at Tel Aviv University. After simultaneously training under “The Butler” for several years, Harrison and The Butler decided to take the business internationally. They chose Colorado Springs as the base for the new branch as it showed great and familiar promise. Harrison is now the Administrator of the US branch under the ever-watchful Butler. Together, they work closely with Clients and Contractors to provide a unique and unparalleled Service in Colorado Springs. If you need something done, rest assured that under Executive Butlers, it will be done properly.​

Holly -

Holly is a 34 year old Michigan Native who moved to Colorado in 2015 with the hope of finding new and better opportunities for herself and her 2 sons. As luck would have it, she found Executive Butlers as it was kicking off in the US. Her many years of hard work and positive outlook had found a family to grow with. Holly has always lived by the saying “Be the change you want to see in the world”, and believes that positivity is the key to happiness. She feels that having the ability to meet many great people and bring cleanliness, organization, and joy to their lives is the best part of her career! She utilizes up all the skills and knowledge from her 10 years of experience in home Services with aspirations of one day owning her own branch.

Jurnee -

Jurnee is from Washington state and has traveled all over the world. Her favorite color is Caribbean blue. She loves cats and dogs, in fact she loves all animals. Jurnee is known for her tedious scrubbing making sure there’s not a spec left behind. Nothing makes Jurnee more happy than seeing an unorganized and filthy home, and making it so immaculate the client can’t help themselves, but to be ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy. Seeing the client fall in love with Jurnee’s work warms her heart. She loves to clean because decluttering your home, declutters your mind and hers. Instead of spending your day worrying about a mess and un-organization. You can sit back and relax or spend your day out while her and the crew takes care of everything to your wants, needs, and expectations.

Our Family in Israel

Tiki -
Head Butler/Trainer

I am Tiki, 47 years old oleh chadash from Croatia, EU. I made aliyah two years ago and it was just what I needed at this moment of my life. Coming to Israel and joining the EB team is one of the magical moments that happened almost immediately.
As an agro-engineer, luthier and salesman, I did and learned a lot of other things to do. Being a part of EB team, I have learned to give attention to details and perfection – not just as professional skill but more like a lifestyle. Therefore, I can add this to my setlist of other skills such as graphics and screen printing, playing music, making and setting guitars, cooking, woodworking and all other kinds of handcrafts. All in all, I will try to justify my “handcrafter” nickname!

Casey -
Head Butler

Hey there! I am Casey, pleased to meet you. My background is in Information Technology, coming from supporting the systems of many hospitals in the UK: personally overseeing 14 London hospitals’ data-migrations. I have brought my meticulous nature into my work to bring the very best and most detail-oriented services for EB.
I have come to Israel from the UK to live here with my Israeli wife. After coming to Israel for the first time for a month a couple of years ago, I came to love Israel, it’s people, it’s sights and it’s culture. So decided to live here with my wife.

Abigail -
Head Butlerette

Having convinced the rest of her family to make aliyah while she was at university, Abigail almost decided to stay behind in the UK for some peace and quiet. Luckily, Zionism prevailed, and, after spending all day staring at computer screens, she decided to try something different with Executive Butlers.

Nathan -
Head Butler

A native of Austin, Texas, I come from a long line of military training. I made aliyah back in August of 2017. I plan on studying medicine to be a trauma Doctor after the IDF. I’ve been working since I was 15 mostly as cleaning support. I’m extremely loyal not only to my work, but to the clients also. Ask a question and I will help as best as possible.

Felix -
Head Butler

My name is Felix, I am 25 years old and am originally from Cuba. I made the long journey to Israel in the name of love. In whatever spare time I have, I like to play football, listen to music, or read an interesting book. I am known for my love of helping people, especially those I call friends.

Gary -
Head Butler

Born and bred in Glasgow, I made Aliyah when I was 28 and specialized in managing holiday rental apartments for 7 years. This gave me the ideal knowledge and experience to make a success of working in the service industry taking care of clients and apartments. What I lack for in height (5″4 on my tip-toes) I make up for in energy, professionalism and dedication, and always happy to chip in where needed. I’ll even where my Kilt during work if requested! When I’m not being a Butler you’ll usually find me on my bike, on the treadmill or in the bar……..(I mean the office of-course!)

Bryan -
Head Butler

My name is Bryan Jimenez, I have lived in Israel for 3 years. I am from Costa Rica, I am an opera singer and passionate about gastronomy which I studied in my country over 5 years and developed my personal food business for private events. I served as a tutor and Butler for several families of diplomats in Jerusalem for 2 years. Life gives me the opportunity to live this new experience in being part of the EB Butlers family. Good taste, a smile and the enjoyment of what you do makes my life motto, It will be a pleasure to meet you!

Micha -
Head Butler

I’m a farm boy from Bloemfontein, South Africa. I wanted to travel frequently so I decided to make Aliyah at the age of 21 and become a real Israeli, I’ve done the army and now I’m in acting classes with the American Acting center of Israel and I got a straight attitude, problems are like a rope it has two sides , I usually find the right side solution, I speak English, Afrikaans and Hebrew. I live a healthy lifestyle full of exercise, EB keeps me on my toes. My service at EB is about giving my best, be creative find the solution, observe, adapt and overcome. I ENJOY IT!!!See you if I see you!

Vladamir -

I am Vlad and I am 24 years old. I was born in Moscow, Russia but at the age of 11 moved to the UK for religious studies. After 8 years of studies, I moved to Israel, where I joined the IDF, I served in the Samaria Brigade. In the army, I served as a chef and acquired a lot of experience in exquisite army cooking. After my mandatory service, I signed up to become an officer.
Currently, I live in Herzliya, love cats and dogs alike, into e-sports and anything that has to do with computers. I dream of traveling and seeing the world since I like to meet and see new cultures and people. Because of my life abroad, I speak English, Russian, and Hebrew fluently, hopefully, will be able to add more to that ever-growing list. I am a team player and always ready to lend a hand to my companions in time of need in and out of work hours, and of course, I have a valuable ability to reach high and tight places thanks to my 1.9-meter height.

Gabriel -

My name is Gabriel Tenenbaum, I am 20 years old and was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I decided to volunteer in the IDF to fulfill my urge to defend our country since I was little. After the army, my plan is to study Marketing, with a major in Music Business, because music is my passion.
I love meeting new people from all around the world to see how everyday life varies depending on the part of the world that they are from. Many people tell me that I’m hardworking, funny and dedicated, so all my actions are based on that. I speak 3 languages fluently, English, Spanish and Hebrew, and hope to use this in my favor while working for this amazing company, Executive Butlers.

Fransisco -

Hailing from San Juan Puerto Rico with previous experience in the service industry and the corporate world, Francisco is a natural-born networker and connector. In addition to being a third year psychology student at Tel Aviv University, Francisco has the background, the personality, and charisma that you want in your Butler! He knows how to have fun while getting the job done.

Alexi -

Hello, my name is Alexis but Alex will do, I'm 30 years old Oleh Hadash from France that decided to look for happiness in Israel. I have a long experience in hotels of the french riviera, Geneva and Tel Aviv in various positions but most of the time near customers. I also have a background in Lawyering and Banking. Outside of work I want to learn surfing and salsa and you can see me every Saturday evening in a Cuban club in TA.

Gil -

Born in the states, however, most of my life I grew up in Israel at a small town called Rosh-Ha’ayin. After serving in the military as a platoon sergeant in the Artillery Corp, I flew back to the US for a couple of years, taking odd jobs where I found them and doing a whole lot of travelling around the country. Finally realising there is no place like home, I came back to Israel.
Now a bit more settled down, I could pursue my geeky passions and so I started my studies in Computer Sciences at the Open University of Israel. During my initial years of studying I worked as a very enthusiastic private Math tutor for high school children. Of course I enjoyed it a lot more than them.
Getting close to the end of my studies, I decided to put my programming knowledge to good use. My path crossed with that of The Butler, who wanted to take Executive Butlers into the future. I of course jumped on the opportunity, now I am building the EB application around that vision, to connect clients and butlers in a much easier and streamlined way.

Gideon -
Chief Technology Officer

Hailing, originally from Glasgow, Gideon prides himself on not only knowing the ins and outs of the web, but is also a people person to the core.
From applications, to web design and development, with marketing skills to boot, Gideon is an all round expert in his field.
Happy to be of service in all aspects of technology and website infrastructure bringing EB into the future and being future proof with applied strategies.

Omri -
The Lawyer

Omri volunteers as a legal consultant of various organizations, and serves as Chairman of a NGO Association that heads volunteering projects in hospitals throughout Israel.
He is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University, and interned in the commercial department of the top tier Firm, Amit Pollak Matalon & Co.
Omri is an Israel native, but spent some of his childhood years in Johannesburg and the USA. Currently lives in Zufim (near Kfar Saba) married to Netta and is a father to three beautiful daughters.

Eitam -
The Accountant

Eitam Pinto is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Established in 2010. Eitam hails from the Financial, Taxation and Accounting Fields.
CTA Eitam Pinto, advises and assists managers and business owners. especially for people who wish to go out on their own, salaried employees and anyone who has a business, company or association and wants to consult on a particular matter. Eitam specialises in business accompaniment and tax refunds.
Eitam lives in Israel, is married to Tal and a father to three amazing sons.

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