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Our Goal

Lifestyle Management delivered with professionalism, charisma and commitment, all in equal measure. As your private Concierge, we will pre-empt your every desire.

Executive Butlers is here to free up your time, so you can focus on what matters most and enjoy everything that life has to offer. Whether it be booking a vacation or everyday housekeeping, we are here for you.

Owned and operated by the top Butler in Israel, with a royalty serving background, you can rest assured that our Service is delivered to the highest possible standard.


We are here to execute any desire you have. We have made “butlerism” noble again.

Why Choose Us

Executive Butlers positioned itself in the Service Industry Market in 2010.

Forward thinking, innovative and creative leadership and human capital has ensured that Executive Butlers, its products and Services does not just follow form and function, it is sublimely in step.


Extraordinary service

Executive Butlers is a unique Service with attention to detail beyond any other service available in Israel. It’s time to feel like a company truly understands what you’re looking for We custom tailor every package to ensure your home isn’t just left clean, but left how you envisioned. Personalized routines, reports, before and after photos and continuous feedback are just a few of the ways you’ll know you’ve picked a very special company.

Top Butlers in the country

Every person working with Executive Butlers is strictly trained and vetted by the only fully qualified Butler in all of Israel. You’ll always have peace of mind, knowing you’re receiving the absolute best. We’re a team who’ve been put through a systematic training programme ensuring everyone who arrives at your home, knows the best techniques to leave the ultimate finish. Smartly dressed, friendly, and punctual, we are the true professionals of the industry.


Expert connections

You’ve heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. For us it’s completely different. We ask instead “who do we trust?”, “who’s willing to put the Client first?”, and who’s willing to give a Service which means you won’t need to ask a 2nd time. From physio-therapists to chefs, babysitters to electricians, PA’s, event organizers, and more, we have a team of trusted experts ready to add that little bit extra, at the time you need. You dream, and we make it happen!

Personalized Profiles

With your own personalized profile which you can update, amend and change throughout your agreement, your Butler team will always check before arriving at your home and adapt every Service so nothing is missed. If it’s windows one week, the back of “that” cupboard next week, or any unforeseen surprises in your home, all you need to do is simply upload your request to any particular service. Then consider it done!

Your satisfaction, guaranteed

After 10 years of continuous growth, we guarantee a standard of Service you’ll keep coming back for. We pride ourselves in being honest and forthcoming. That is why we guarantee all of our Services.


Executive Butlers is organized and efficient. They arrive when they should, behave impeccably, do the job correctly and always are good humored.

They always let me know the day before that they are coming and take the hassle factor out of my life.
All the Butlers will help to extend a sofa bed or put it away again or any other job I may require.

We have no further need to deal with insurance, pension, leave pay etc. This is a big win!

The best thing about the Butlers is their demeanor. I find them always helpful and friendly. Do not underestimate the effect of polite and prompt attitude also the fact that the team is totally reliable and always turns up promptly.
Having had the other type of service I know what to appreciate. And yes they do a good job too!

All in all completely satisfactory.

Confidential client - Because we respect your privacy

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