About Us


Who we are

We are here to execute any desire you have. We have made “butlerism” noble again.

A few words about us

Executive Butlers is an International concierge company, having started in Israel,  with clients in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. It recently opened a branch in the USA

The company is run and operated by the only accredited Executive Butler from the London Guild of Butlers in Israel.

Our personnel are all professionally trained.  They are well mannered, friendly and highly educated. They bring with them a mass of experience, languages and have the freedom to express all their virtues by giving the very best in Service.

Now in its 10th year, Executive Butlers has amassed a large amount of satisfied clients, Services and have created longtime friendships, throughout not only Israel, but, around the globe.

Executive Butlers will be there when you least expect them and will preempt your every desire


Our vision is perfectly matched with your vision of what your home and everyday life should be.

With constant growth over the last few years, and spreading our service worldwide, Executive Butlers expands not only as a company,but as a brand of quality lifestyle.

Our vision is to make harmony into your everyday life, turning it into a  Lifestyle!


From everydays maintenance Services to top notch cuisine for you and your family and friends,  that is our Mission.

Leisure time, sport activities or lifetime adventures, that is our Mission.

Butlers’ attitude and commitment to a client and a Service is our Mission.

Butlers “ Bushido “ is our Mission.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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