Doctor Boze - Handyman


Doctor Boze (yes, he actually has a doctorate!) bills himself as the jack of all trades: handyman. Chris is able to do just about anything you require, including marriages! Chris received his first professional painting job as an eight-year old in New Jersey, painting the exterior of a garage for a client on his brother’s paper route. Chris often tells people that he was responsible for the maintenance on 224 apartments and was renovating a unit “when the planes hit the World Trade Center.”

No job is too small. From electrical to plumbing, and carpentry to lawn care, Chris does it all. And of course, any repairs you might need around your house or place of business. If something is broken, and you don’t know the cause, Chris specializes in troubleshooting! If he can’t fix it, he’ll recommend someone who can. If you have something that needs attention, don’t be afraid to call the Doctor!

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