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Cocktail Crafting

Do you ever get a feeling of nostalgia? What brings it on? Is it the smell of cookies in the oven? The distinct smell of cocktails spilled on a wood counter? Perhaps you can’t relive these memories, but you can remember them through the portal we provide: Mixed drinks and culinary. Each bite and sip masterfully crafted to tantalize each other in tango. The venue for this pairing is the ballroom on your tongue and the stage that is your mind.


Yossi, specialises in Asian cooking and authentic Arabian food. He also teaches in these specific areas of cooking and takes people on a foodie tour throughout the markets, explaining the various dishes and spices and ingredients and exactly where to get it. He has a very popular food blog and has his own Television Show.

Dyana's Bit

New York born and raised, and now living in Tel Aviv. I am an Italian-American home cook, cooking with love a wide range of cuisines including Italian, Mexican, Asian, Indian and Mediterranean. My passion for cooking and eating started as a child and only grew stronger as I got older.

I come from a family of amazing cooks where I learnt a wealth of cooking knowledge from. I’ve worked in hospitality for several years and am excited, as I embark as a Chefette with Executive Butlers. My passion in life has always been food and family. I believe food makes people happy and brings people together. I love to see people happy and enjoying my meals.

Ilya - Chief Chef

Ilya cooks from the depth of his heart. Through the years, he has acquired his own modern food style. He studied for 2 years in the Tadmor Culinary Institute in Israel and now has 11 years experience in culinary work. Ilya is without any doubt, the key to a perfect culinary experience with friends or guests.
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